We are a company that has delivered incredible results for a range of architectural projects and difficult to complete briefs for over 30 years. Our clientele typically consists of professional architects and those with a passion for architecture who want to build their dream home in a dream location like the Southern Highlands. We take on architectural building jobs that push the envelope, yet remain modest; Because we believe that architectural building is not just about constructing large striking homes with luxury additions, its about creating clever and intelligent living environments – You can do some incredible things with small spaces. We also believe that good architecture is not simply a process of building and constructing something new and different, it has a lot to do with story telling – and what that story tells as time goes by. There are a lot of good and bad examples of unconventional homes, and we have found that the good ones, the ones that have lasting appeal are those that are driven by aesthetic ambition, something that we look for and encourage in all our clients.

As experienced architectural builders and architectural contractors, we have a shared mindset of what a finished project should look like and what social or environmental capacity it should have. Due to our vast expertise, we are capable of three things, communicating ideas with clients, sourcing the right materials and our superior workmanship in a range of structurally unorthodox circumstances. Take for example our ability to work with attractive aggregate concrete to build homes such as the one we recently built at Wildes Meadow.

We have worked within the Southern Highlands and the South Coast region for a while now and have built an appetite for working with the landscape. This is another important element of architectural building and building in general; the home should complement the natural surrounds or create a theme that matches.

To learn more about how we can help you pursue your architectural dream home within the Southern Highlands, please don’t hesitate to call and have a chat.

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"Once again you have demonstrated your vast range of skills in producing a first class building that exceeded our expectations. The quality and attention to detail has been excellent."

Philip J Battern | Santa Sabina College