With an impressive portfolio of classical and the contemporary designs, Trinity Ventures are the Southern Highlands Builders of choice. We have been constructing new homes within the southern Highlands and parts of the South Coast for over 30 years now and we have identified our niche in the market as luxury home builders. We don’t construct fast and nasty project homes using cheap materials, we build homes that have quality and lasting appeal in mind. Although we build beautiful homes, we are not simply luxury home builders for the sake of it and it’s not about the money either, in fact project home building is a much more lucrative business. What it comes down to is a passion for beautiful homes made from quality materials and experienced workmanship. Of course its not quantity but quality that we engage with the most, and the only way to achieve this when building new homes is with dedication to the project at hand, and that goes for every element of the developmental stage, including dedication to the budget, dedication to workmanship, dedication to time, dedication to design – dedication to everything.

Although we are Bowral builders, if you’re looking for southern highlands and South Coast Builders NSW, including Bowral, Goulburn, Moss Vale, and the coastal areas of Kiama and Nowra, then consider us for your new home construction.

Our home building services incorporate all aspects of home building from start to finish. It’s up to you how much involvement you want to have, some people prefer to get involved and communicate ideas along the way and others prefer to remove themselves from a sometimes stressful situation. Either way, if you choose to let us build your new home, you will be impressed… and you will be happy.

We enjoy building new homes in the Southern Highlands, because the scenic backdrop and the rich architectural history all ways offers inspiration for a new home. We specialise in making new homes that harmonise with the surroundings whilst offering the living environments and spaces typical of today. Open plan living and dining areas, spacious bathrooms, eclectic kitchens and natural light in the right places, at the right times.

Concrete Homes

Building homes out of concrete is something more and more people are considering, particularly with the plethora of tasteful concrete mixes available. We are actually quite proud of our architectural ability to create concrete homes that look incredible. It’s not an easy task to make a mundane and often ugly building material come to life, but with plenty of architectural and engineering experience, it is possible. Take a look at our latest work at Wildes Meadow to get an idea of how striking a concrete home can be. Concrete is no longer just a means for providing an affordable solution to security and insulation.

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Contact us today for the very best in builders Southern Highlands and the South Coast of NSW – Call Peter Hayes on 0428 268 346 or email info@trinityventures.com.au