We specialise in:

  • Luxury architect designed homes
  • Highly detailed renovations on heritage listed and period homes
  • Architect’s own homes in modern minimalistic style
  • Modern concrete structures using natural finishes
  • All projects and workers are fully covered by industry insurances.

We also undertake those slightly unusual projects such as:

  • Small bridge construction
  • Renovation of vintage stables
  • Gatehouses
  • Specialised machinery sheds
  • Modern mechanical workshops, including building works associated with the installation of the first MRI in Bowral
Banksia Street Bowral

Architectural Homes

Architectural homes are one of the areas that we specialise in and it’s the type of work that we get a great deal of satisfaction from. Our ability to construct homes with architectural flare combined with our experience in undertaking unorthodox building methods has earned us a reputation as the very best architectural builders in the Southern Highlands, and our reputation extends to Sydney.


We perform home restorations that remain true to the original style of the home. Most of our restoration projects have been restoring heritage or period homes within Bowral and the Southern Highlands. We can restore roofs, doors, balustrades, gutters, walls, stairs, fixtures and everything in between.


If you are after complete renovations in the Southern Highlands and parts of the South Coast then consider our team of expert carpenters and tradesmen. We have been able to provide our clients with seamless renovations that blend in so well with the original structure that its hard to determine where it begins and where it finishes. We have experience with all forms of renovations and extensions

Luxury Homes

Most of our homes within the Southern Highlands tend to near on the side of luxury, that’s not to say that we choose expensive materials for the sake of it, but we do ensure that the highest quality materials and equipment is used to ensure longevity and a superior aesthetic finish. When completing luxury home builds for our clients we generally provide an unabridged approach, incorporating many luxurious and unique features with timeless design.

Sheds, Barns & Rural Construction

Occasionally we take on jobs that require us to custom build things around the rural properties of the Southern Highlands. We generally design structures that remain true to the theme and character of the entire property including sheds, rustic barns, horse stables, pergolas, verandas, carports, bridges, pools and pretty much everything else.

Once again you have demonstrated your vast range of skills in producing a first class building that exceeded our expectations. The quality and attention to detail has been excellent.

Philip J Battern | Santa Sabina College